Nutrition Services - A la Carte Prices

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A la carte items may be purchased by any student, regardless of eligibility. Students are not allowed to charge ala carte items.

Prices shown are for items sold separate not included in a school meal
                      NOTE: A la carte items listed may not be available at all schools.
Water, 12 oz plain$1.00
Water, 20 oz plain$1.25
Juice, 10 oz$1.25
Switch Juice$1.75
Gold Peak Tea 16.9 oz$2.00
Soy Milk$2.00
Powerade, 20 oz$1.50
Vitamin & Smart Water, 20 oz$2.00
Milk 8 oz$0.80
Powerade, 12 oz$1.00
Food Items:Price
Breakfast Entree (not sold with a meal)$1.85 (All Schools)
Lunch Entree (not sold with a meal)$2.85-(Elem.)
$3.00 (MS)
$3.25 (HS)
Cookies, small - fresh baked$0.40
Chips - Variety$0.75
Ice Cream Cup $1.25
Sidekick Juice Cup (frozen)




Froozer Fruit Bar (frozen)