District 51 Long Term Plan

The Board of Trustees approved the long term plan for the years 2012-2017 on Tuesday November 13, 2012. The plan is made up of Stamponpaper

five distinct goals:

Goal 1: increase student growth and achievement in Literacy, Math, Science and social studies by focusing on curriculum, and instruction and by assessment.

Goal 2: Promote shared responsibility for student learning through students, schools, families, and community members working together.

Goal 3: Ensure effective educators and high quality leaders throughout the District.

Goal 4: Improve organizational efficiency and effectiveness through increased accountability and communication.

Goal 5: Promote public awareness and community support for public education.

The goals and objectives emphasize that community input will continue to be incorporated as the plan evolves and as action plans are developed. View or download the complete goals, strategies, and objectives that were adopted in November here.