Welcome New Certified/Licensed Employees to School District 51!

 Please check out the important dates to remember and read the Welcome New Teachers Flyer! ------->


1. Obtain Colorado Educator License from the Colorado Department of Education (CDE).

Provide a copy of your educator license to Human Resources at hr@d51schools.org or bring with your new hire paperwork.  You are required to hold a valid Colorado educator license to be employed as a teacher, special service provider or instructional administrator in School District 51.  If you do not have a valid Colorado license, submit your application immediately.  Log on to the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) website for license application.  Link to CDE - Educator Licensing

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you have never been fingerprinted for a Colorado educator license, you must send your fingerprints to CBI for a fingerprint based criminal history check. The process can take several weeks, so it is important that you do this as soon as possible. For sample forms and more information, please click here: CDE Fingerprint Website

2. Turn in your official transcripts and Verifications of Employment (VOE) to HR as soon as possible.  Transcripts and Verification of Employment (VOE) forms must be received by HR no later than September 31 to receive placement credit.

You must submit original, official transcripts showing all conferred degrees.  Electronic transcripts from your university can be securely emailed to hr@d51schools.org

New SD51 licensed employees are awarded up to 11 years' experience for prior contracted K-12 school experience if obtained within the past 16 years.  Please send the correct VOE form below to your previous employers.  Upon receipt of VOE forms, appropriate experience credit will be issued for placement on the salary schedule.

You will be paid on Step 0 until all Verifications of Employment and official transcripts are received. Link to Salary Schedules.

3. Sign your Contract and Complete your New Hire Paperwork.

An email will be sent to the email given in our application system notifying you that your contract is ready for signature.  Follow the link below to download, complete, and print new hire paperwork.  Bring your paperwork and any additional documents to the Human Resource office at 2115 Grand Ave.   

4. Obtain your District 51 computer login and email. 

Call the Help Desk (970-254-5175) no sooner than 48 hours after you submit your completed new hire paperwork to Human Resources to receive your district login and password.

Then check out the D51 Teacher Resource Site

5.  Enroll in medical and other available benefits.

You will be asked to complete benefit paperwork when you return your new hire paperwork to Human Resources.  Review the benefits website. To be eligible for benefits, you must complete all benefit paperwork and submit it to HR within <<add date>>

​Helpful Links (require SD51 district login)



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Important Dates to Remember:

  • August 2-4 - Jump Start for new teachers
  • August 7-8 - New Staff Orientation
  • August 10 - Teacher's First Day
  • August 16 - First Day of School

Welcome New Staff Flyer 2017.pdf