Early Childhood Education - Eligibility

Enrollment in the Early Childhood Preschool Programs in District 51 requires eligibility. Children qualify in one of two ways: preschooler has and identifies special education need and current Individual Education Plan (IEP), preschooler is at-risk for future educational difficulties. 

Special education means having a disability, ideally, in one or more of the following areas; speech / language, cognition or thinking, physical, or social /emotional that has been identified through our Child Find process. No tuition charged.

At-risk means meeting a variety of risk factors; either biological or familial. Examples are; parents were 18 or younger at time of preschooler's birth, multiple moves or relocations, parents did not graduate from high school, language or social / behavioral in maturity.  Acceptance is based on preschoolers who have the highest need. No tuition charged.


Funding for children with special needs or at-risk is through the state and federal government.

All our programs are licensed in the Department of Human Services, Child Care Division and meet School District rules and regulations.