D51 Online Security and Best Practices
Warning regarding Web Fraud and Phishing
Important Email security Tips:
·         Never respond to an email asking for personal or financial information such as your email address, password, Social Security Number, etc.
·         Don’t open an email or attachment from someone you do not know or trust
·         Never click on a link or file within or attached to an email from a company or organization that you do not trust
·         Do report “suspicious” email to your District email account by forwarding it to helpdesk@d51schools.org
When communicating with District 51 through digital media, please:
• Confirm you are visiting a District 51 authorized web site. District 51’s only authorized web sites are posted through the below listed domains. No other web site domains are authorized.
• Do not share your password and login ID with anyone, including anyone from District 51. Certain District 51 on-line environments are private, available only to approved users through secure log-in procedures. Apart from allowing you to use your password and log-in to enter an authorized site, District 51 will never ask you for your password or log in information.
• Be cautious in sending District external e-mail to anyone with an address other than authorized District 51 e-mail addresses.
If you have any questions about the above, the security of any District 51 communications, or have concerns about a web site or e-mail communication that you suspect may be fraudulent, please contact us at Helpdesk@d51schools.org